Entries from 2011-05-23 to 1 day

[Yog] Yog 0.0.10 released

Yog is a dynamic script language like Python and Ruby. Yog's web site is https://github.com/SumiTomohiko/Yog . The documentation is at http://SumiTomohiko.github.com/Yog/.

[Flourish] Flourish 0.0.1 released

Flourish is an action game, with strong inspiration from Brandish for Nippon Falcom.Flourish's web site is http://SumiTomohiko.github.com/flourish/.

[sumix] sumix 20110522221808 released

sumix is a 1-CD Linux distribution based on Tiny Core Linux. The objective of this distribution is providing an easy way for trying softwares written by SumiTomohiko.sumix's web site is http://SumiTomohiko.github.com/sumix/.